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Dr Stefan Ivantu M.D, MRCPsych is a Private Consultant Psychiatrist, a specialist in ADHD and complex cases. He offers consultations in London and online in the UK. Dr. Ivantu, a specialist with Oxford training, empowers clients by providing an integrated approach, focusing on growth and navigating challenges with confidence.

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Our ADHD Clinic in London and Online in U.K.

We are here to help people who may feel they suffer from ADHD, or any other symptoms associated with this diagnosis. Dr. Stefan Ivantu, our private psychiatrist, is dedicated and strives to provide comprehensive ADHD assessment and treatment in London.

Dr. Ivantu recognises that each person with ADHD is unique. He offers ADHD assessments, including a detailed report, and can offer tailored treatment following diagnosis. Personalised treatment plans include coaching, lifestyle changes, medication, and therapy. Our focus is on you, making sure you achieve your goals.

We are aware you may have different needs, and a holistic treatment plan takes into account you as a whole person. You will receive bespoke care with the
latest in ADHD treatment, tailored to your symptoms and lifestyle.

We strive to create a welcoming and non-judgmental space at our ADHD clinic, so you can comfortably talk about your challenges and support your growth.
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What is ADHD ?

Empower Yourself:
Learn About ADHD

Dr Stefan Ivantu M.D is a Consultant Psychiatrist in London, a specialist in ADHD.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common psychiatric diagnoses in adults, with an estimated prevalence of 4.4%.  If you suspect ADHD in yourself or someone you know, a proper assessment can be the key to unlocking a clearer path and a better quality of life.

Learn more about our assessment and diagnosis options in London and UK by watching our videos, visiting our blog, or taking our free online test.

The Benefits of Psychiatrist ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Private ADHD Assessment London and U.K with a Consultant Psychiatrist for 2.5 hours.

Trusted expertise

Consultant Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors possessing a thorough understanding of the human mind and its impact on well-being. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge of diverse conditions, psychology, and human functioning, they serve as your discreet advisor.
Private ADHD Assessment London and U.K with a Consultant Psychiatrist for 2.5 hours.

Accurate Assessment

Through a meticulous differential diagnosis, we conduct a comprehensive assessment. The Psychiatrist expertise allows to discern underlying conditions, such as anxiety or depression, crafting a bespoke plan for optimal well-being.
Private ADHD Assessment London and U.K with a Consultant Psychiatrist for 2.5 hours.

GP Shared Care

Forging a synergy between our esteemed Consultant Psychiatrist and your trusted GP is the cornerstone of successful ADHD diagnosis and treatment. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic understanding of your unique needs.
Private ADHD Assessment London and U.K with a Consultant Psychiatrist for 2.5 hours.

The Mind-Body Connection

Discerning individuals understand the interconnectedness of mind, body, and relationships. By delving deep into the intricacies of your well-being, we unlock transformative insights. Empower yourself to craft a bespoke and sustainable strategy.
Private ADHD Assessment London and U.K with a Consultant Psychiatrist for 2.5 hours.

Lifelong ADHD support

Individuals diagnosed with ADHD may encounter challenges such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, gambling problems or even addiction. The Consultant Psychiatrist extends the unparalleled expertise beyond ADHD, offering synergistic management of co-occurring conditions. This meticulous, multi-faceted approach ensures seamless, continuous care for all aspects of your mental well-being. Empowered by these insights, you'll be equipped to orchestrate your potential and navigate life at the peak performance.

Patient and Colleague Reviews

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Private patient
I'm glad that Dr Ivantu is raising awareness of Autism and ADHD in women and girls. From personal experience he is the best to take action to improve the diagnosis process..
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Private patient
Dr. Ivantu is an exceptional psychiatrist, blending professionalism with a personable approach. His extensive knowledge and empathetic understanding have significantly impacted my personal and work life..
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Private patient
Dr Ivantu helped diagnose my ADHD and work with me on finding the right medication for me. He's professional, insightful and kind. He's helped bring perspective to managing ADHD in both personal and work, as well as relationships..
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Colleague feedback
It has been my pleasure to have known Stefan for over 10 years as a fellow psychiatrist. He is intelligent, insightful and inspiring. He is an excellent psychiatrist and Adult ADHD specialist providing holistic and effective..
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