ADHD Transfer of Care

Our service is committed to allowing clients already diagnosed with ADHD, to start receiving care with our Consultant Psychiatrist. Our services have an emphasis on quality of care, and we are taking on new patients with a 2-hour initial assessment.

Having a comprehensive initial assessment gives you the space to describe your journey so we can help achieve your goals.

This service is limited to patients already having a high-quality assessment document. Otherwise, you may be advised to arrange a new diagnosis assessment, by visiting the assessment page.
ADHD Transfer of Care

Our approach

By conducting a comprehensive ADHD consultation assessment, allows us to understand your case beyond the typical symptoms of ADHD. We believe that psychological factors are essential in delivering good outcomes. Some cases may present with limited improvement.

In some situations, we may need to focus the assessment on associated conditions, to gain a further understanding of your case.  

Moving to the UK need to prescribe medication

Dr Ivantu is accepting new patients with ADHD, moving from abroad, diagnosed in the U.K., or students coming to study in London. We are aware of how stressful it can be to find a psychiatrist on short notice to offer you support, treatment, and where appropriate prescribe medication for ADHD.

For best practice and results, you will be required to have a transfer of care assessment for 2 hrs. and provide evidence of a previous ADHD diagnosis. In the situation where you don't have access to previous letters, we can arrange a 2.5-hour ADHD diagnosis assessment and receive an updated report.

Your care for ADHD will be transferred safely, to a UK-licensed psychiatrist, and where indicated receive the medication and support you need. To book an appointment click here.

University support letters

Where appropriate we are happy to offer a support letter for your university. This would allow having access to extenuating circumstances, such as having additional time to complete assignments, a quiet place to study, or special arrangements for exam participation.

Do I need a GP referral?

We understand moving to London or in the U.K can be stressful and takes time to get used with a new healthcare system. Adding the need to continue having access to medication for ADHD, may further add to the anxiety. If you haven't had the time to register with a GP yet, we may still be able to help you.

However, long term it is advisable to have a GP and we are happy to support you. We understand, there are situations where you don’t have a referral, or you want your case to remain private. We may still be able to help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assessment fees

Our consultation fee for the initial ADHD assessment is £1160. To read more about fees, read our services page.

If you would like to read more about what involves our private ADHD assessment, open our assessment page.

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