Personalised ADHD Therapy in London

After being assessed and diagnosed with Adult ADHD, to achieve the best outcomes it is necessary to consider a therapy program.

Our approach is to offer personalised therapy provided by the Consultant Psychiatrist for clients diagnosed with ADHD and where other therapies had limitations in the past.

We also offer ADHD coaching that is personalised to your needs, helping you to reach your goals and manage symptoms.
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Initial Assessment

An initial ADHD assessment in London typically requires a minimum of 2-2.5 hours. This thorough check is very important before you think about doing therapy. Not everyone might be ready for therapy, especially if their ADHD isn't under control.

A therapy programme is most suitable as part of a treatment plan for patients motivated to change and enhance self-awareness. If you're motivated to make positive changes and learn more about yourself, a therapy program could be a good fit for you.

Psychological ADHD Therapy in London

Having ADHD can affect your confidence, relationships, and your job. In therapy, one of the goals is to help you understand yourself better and how your past can affect your present.

There are different kinds of therapy available, including:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a way to help you with ADHD by looking at your deeper emotions and thoughts. It explores things you may not even realise you're thinking or feeling, and how early life experiences can affect how you act now.

This therapy tries to find any unresolved conflicts, self-esteem issues, or emotional struggles that might make ADHD symptoms worse. It's about understanding why you might act impulsively or hyperactively. By figuring out these hidden concerns, you can better understand your ADHD challenges and learn how to deal with them.

It can also help boost your self-esteem and self-acceptance, which can make the emotional burden of ADHD feel lighter.

Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy (PIT)

Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy (PIT) can be helpful for you if you have ADHD. It combines ideas from psychodynamic and interpersonal therapy to assist you in dealing with emotional and relationship challenges caused by ADHD.

PIT in the context of ADHD aims to explore how the condition affects self-esteem, relationships, and overall well-being. We work with you to understand your inner thoughts and feelings, helping you see how ADHD impacts how you see yourself and how you interact with others.

This can be especially helpful for people with low self-esteem or difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships due to their ADHD symptoms.

Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT)

Mentalisation-Based Therapy (MBT) can be a helpful approach for dealing with ADHD. MBT is a type of therapy that focuses on helping you understand your thoughts and emotions, as well as the thoughts and emotions of others.

For people with ADHD, MBT can be useful in improving self-awareness and self-control, which can be challenging for them. This therapy teaches you to recognise your impulsive actions and thought processes, providing you with tools to better manage your symptoms.

By enhancing your mentalisation, you can better grasp what others think and feel, which leads to improved social interactions and relationships.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a proven way to help manage ADHD symptoms. CBT for ADHD helps you to understand and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. It teaches you to develop better strategies for coping, managing your time, and staying organised.

This method is based on research and is used to control ADHD symptoms by recognising and changing harmful thought patterns and behaviours. It helps you to improve your ability to cope, manage your time, and stay organised.

How is ADHD Therapy Different?

ADHD is a condition that affects many people around the world. It comes with symptoms like difficulty paying attention, being very active, and acting without thinking. These symptoms can significantly affect daily life.

Personalised ADHD therapy is a special kind of treatment that's designed to help people with ADHD manage their symptoms, make life better, and reach their full potential.

It's different from other types of therapy because it focuses on the specific challenges that people with ADHD deal with.

The Personalised Approach with Dr. Stefan Ivantu

Tailored Strategies

Each person with ADHD is unique, and what helps one person might not help someone else. Dr. Ivantu understands this and customises therapy your specific needs and situation.

This personalised approach makes the therapy work as well as it can for you.

Ongoing Monitoring

ADHD is something that stays with a person throughout their life, and it can affect them in different ways as they go through life.

Dr. Ivantu's approach is all about keeping an eye on how things are going and making changes to the treatment plan when necessary. This way, the therapy continues to be useful as you grow.


The personalised approach means that you are a big part of your own treatment. You and Dr. Ivantu work together to set goals, see how things are going, and make changes as needed.

By using these techniques, you can be in charge of your own life and feel more empowered.

Holistic Assessment

Dr. Ivantu doesn't just look at the obvious symptoms. He takes a close look at a person's strengths, weaknesses, and what's happening in your life.

This method helps create a well-rounded and effective treatment plan that takes into account all parts of you as a person.

ADHD Coaching in London

ADHD coaching is a personalised and supportive way to help you manage your Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms and reach your goals. Dr. Ivantu works together with you to come up with plans for getting better at things like staying organised, managing time, and being productive. These are areas that can be tough for people with ADHD.

During coaching, Dr. Ivantu offers structure, help you stay on track, and give you practical tools to handle daily life including your work, school, and relationships. It's all about helping you make the most of your strengths and deal with the challenges you face.

The focus is on specific, practical strategies that make your life better.

Lifestyle changes

Besides the use of medication, lifestyle changes can provide some of the most effective tools for living a better life with ADHD.

  • Sleep hygiene recommendations
  • Task management systems
  • Productivity optimisation
  • Creativity routines
  • Exercise routines
  • Dietary routines


The evidence for the benefit of using supplements for ADHD is very limited.

A healthy diet may be far more effective and sustainable in improving the quality of life and well-being.

Living with Adult ADHD

The future in living with ADHD should be good when you have access to the appropriate support. Very often 6-12 months later, we hear stories such as:  "I am more confident, I achieved a promotion, my productivity is now better, or my relationship has improved”.

There are also situations where the treatment outcomes may have limitations due to limited response to medication, associated conditions, psychological matters, social circumstances, and different factors.

You need to be mindful that ADHD is one of the few mental health conditions with a relatively good prognosis. With the appropriate support and holistic approach, there is a good chance of having a better quality of life.

Therapy fees

Personalised therapy sessions are conducted by the Consultant and charged at £580 p/h. The sessions can have integrated medication management where needed.

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