What are the Private Psychiatrist fees

See the services section to find out more. For any questions please contact my secretary here.

How do I make an appointment?

Booking your consultation is made as easy as possible. The preferred method is to fill out the contact page. You can also call, or WhatsApp. My secretary will be in contact within the same day Monday - Friday, and during the weekend within 48 hrs.

Can you take and fix all the cases?

Similar to physical health, in mental health, there are limitations depending on the presentation. Most often, a referral is not accepted due to the nature of an outpatient practice.

There are cases, that require an entire team or specific expertise, and we are aware of our own limitations. When we cannot take on a case you will have a reliable answer, and where available an alternative.

What conditions do you treat?

I specialize in managing complex cases, self-harm, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, psychosis, and treatment-resistant conditions. Sometimes a diagnosis can have limitations, and you will be provided a psychological formulation, understanding of the underlying distressing factors.

Mental health, it is multifactorial, therefore, we will consider all the factors, including social circumstances and lifestyle choices.

How long are the initial assessments?

Depending on your needs and complexity, they are between 1.5 - 2 hrs. Please check the services page to find more details. If you are not sure and you need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact my secretary.

How long are the reviews?

The recommended time for the reviews is to be 60 min unless advised otherwise. Having time available, we can focus on psychological aspects, and lifestyle changes and integrate the holistic aspect of care. However, when there are financial or time constraints a 30 min consultation is advised.

Do you offer psychotherapy?

Yes, the best recovery in mental health is by using the holistic approach. I'm using psychotherapy, cognitive analytic therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and psychoeducation. 

The psychotherapy sessions are integrated into your reviews, depending on your needs and circumstances. In some situations, standalone therapy treatment plans can be established.

I’ve never been to see a private psychiatrist before, what can I expect?

You will experience a supportive, nonjudgemental conversation where you will receive the optimal support you need for having a better quality of life and wellbeing. For more information:
Please watch this explanatory video.

What are your waiting times?

Currently, appointments for new clients are available within 4 weeks. My practice is entirely private, full-time. As my clients are recovering, they usually require fewer follow-ups or can be managed by their General Practitioner (GP). Therefore, consultation slots are quickly becoming available. Enquire about the next available slot here.

ADHD: What is the cost of the entire process?

Each person is different in terms of goals, response to medication, and treatment plans. You need to take into consideration the cost of the ADHD assessment, and follow-up sessions - on average 3-4.

In addition, there is a smaller cost associated with medication issued via a private prescription. The cost depends on the type of ADHD medication prescribed. I am also recognised by providers of medical insurance, for this please see FAQ.

Can I get a shared care agreement?

You will receive the support to have a shared care agreement between Dr Ivantu and your GP. Once established, is recommended an ADHD specialist follow-up every 6 months.

Is the Diagnosis recognised by the NHS?

Yes, our ADHD diagnosis is recognised by the NHS and GPs.Dr Ivantu is a Consultant Psychiatrist, has a license to practise, registered with the General Medical Council. He is recognised on the Specialist Register as a General Adult Psychiatrist. You can search for his registration and any other doctor on the GMC website.

Are you offering only video consultations?

Yes, in my opinion, video consultations in mental health are equal if not better than in-person consultations. Video consultations have their advantages both for the patient and clinician. My approach is to strive to provide the best experience and use the best available technology. For more information about video consultations, please read my article. When a video consultation is not indicated, you will be let know in advance and recommend alternative solutions.  In certain situations, a home visit can be arranged.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Yes, I am recognized by: Allianz Healthcare, Aviva, Bupa Global (International), Cigna, WPA, If you are affiliated with a different insurance provider please contact me and I will let you know if I can register with that provider. 

I'm moving to the UK and running out of ADHD medication. Can you help me?

Dr Ivantu is accepting new patients with ADHD, moving from abroad, or students coming to study in the UK. We are aware of how stressful can be to find a psychiatrist to prescribe your medication for ADHD.

For best practise and results, you will require to have an initial assessment for 1.5 hrs and provide evidence of a previous ADHD diagnosis. In the situation you don't have access to previous letters, we can arrange a 2hr ADHD diagnosis consultation and receive an updated report.

Your care for ADHD will be transferred safely, to a UK psychiatrist, and receive the medication and support you need. To book an appointment click here.

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