ADHD Treatment for Adults

We consider the most effective treatment for ADHD to be a combination of medication, lifestyle changes, coaching, and therapy.

Sometimes, you may not feel ready to consider medication and we understand this. However, if you decide to pursue treatment for ADHD, under specialist supervision this can be effective in up to 80% of the cases.
ADHD Treatment for Adults

Treatment For New Patients

We are taking on new patients only following a comprehensive assessment process. This allows us to rule out associated conditions in ADHD and understand the psychological factors.

The ADHD treatment plan is holistic and personalised. Therefore, we are working closely with you depending on your goals, need for therapy, response to treatment, or coaching.

Length of Treatment Sessions

The length of the follow-up sessions is (30 min/60 min), frequency is decided between yourself and your doctor. A short session is used in addressing the medication management and monitoring the treatment response.

A standard 60 min session, allows the time to have a holistic approach. This includes addressing therapy matters, lifestyle changes, coaching and medication changes.

How Many Sessions Do I Need After Diagnosis?

Mental health can be different for everyone, depending on your journey until present. Everyone has their own set of goals, social circumstances and it is difficult to predict the exact number of sessions.

Although the medication can be highly effective, this is not a cure and in some people may have a limited efficacy. On average, after the ADHD assessment, it takes 4 sessions until finding an effective and sustainable treatment plan.

Medication for ADHD

Our Prescription Process

All the prescriptions are completed individually by the Consultant Psychiatrist. We do not support a medication change outside of the consultation. Our priority is to ensure safe prescribing. It is advised to contact us 5 days before running out of medication. A prescription fee of £50 is perceived for prescription requests outside of the consultation.

Prescription during the consultation

The controlled drug prescription for ADHD is completed on the same day (where appropriate), at no additional cost. Depending on the pharmacy of choice it may take up to 48 - 72 hrs for you to have access to medication.

Prescription outside the consultation

Prescription requests need to be made by contacting the secretary, and please allow 2-3 business days for the request to be complete. There is an associated fee of £50 for prescriptions outside of the consultation.

We are not able to take on new patients and prescribe medication, unless completing a 2 hr comprehensive consultation. More details about our process to safely accept new clients can be found here.

Understanding controlled drug prescriptions

During your consultation if appropriate, we will provide you with a prescription. We are using two types of prescriptions: controlled drugs (e.g. stimulant medication for ADHD) and non controlled medication.

For controlled medication (ADHD stimulants) it can take up to 72 hrs for the medication to be dispensed. This longer period is necessary due to the physical prescription needed to arrive at the pharmacy. We are making our best efforts to use the most efficient and reliable services.

Understanding non-controlled drug prescriptions

For non-controlled medication we can make it available as soon as the same day of your consultation. For prescription requests outside of the consultation, medication is made available Friday to Monday.

Compared with the controlled prescriptions, the non-controlled prescriptions for ADHD are sent digitally to the pharmacy. Therefore, they tend to become available more efficiently.

Can I Tackle ADHD Without Medication?

Using Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can be described as free medication for someone suffering from ADHD. Besides the benefits of the increase in dopamine, this may also help with unmet needs when it comes to hyperactivity, exploration, and seeing new places.

Since everyone is different, it can be difficult to pinpoint what can help in lowering the risk of developing other mental health issues. A good rule of thumb is to practice self-compassion and play your strengths during this journey.

Delegating Admin Tasks

Delegating admin tasks simply knowing your weaknesses, allows the person to find alternatives in how to tackle a certain situation. A quick can be achieved by delegating the boring admin, repetitive tasks or cleaning to someone else. The person suffering from ADHD spend most of their time in activities favourable to their talents with the highest return on investment.

ADHD Therapy

Having the right professional support from an ADHD therapist can significantly improve your quality of life and wellbeing.

Clinic letters and shared care

After each session, the Consultant Psychiatrist writes a clinic letter to the client, and with your consent, this is shared with the GP. One of the goals in the treatment sessions is to achieve a safe and effective medication plan and recommend the shared care agreement.

Shared care allows the patient to have access to repeat affordable medication via the GP. To minimise the risk of a shared care agreement being declined, we advise you to speak with your GP prior to your assessment.

Medication cost

All the prescriptions issued in our service are private, and the cost of medication is paid separately at the pharmacy. The medication cannot be prescribed by the NHS GP, unless the patient is stable on a medication regime and there is a shared care agreement in place.

Travelling abroad with ADHD medication

We are committed to supporting our clients to take the medication, while traveling abroad. During the consultation, we can complete an Airport Medication Travel Letter at no extra fee. On certain occasions, we can issue a prescription for up to 3 months to cover your period of stay.

Transfer of care to ADHD Specialist

For further information, please check ADHD Transfer of Care.

Private ADHD assessment

Before booking your private consultant, please read ADHD Assessment for Adults.

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