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For several years I have been prescribed ADHD medications that caused stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Dr. Ivantu provided me with alternative medication, and outlined very simple changes in lifestyle that are easy to adapt even with my chaotic, spiralling mind...
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Dr.Ivantu is an outstanding, thoughtful, patient, and efficient clinician. For several years I struggled with the effects of ADHD and Dr. Ivantu helped me with my diagnosis and found the right treatment for me. I can confidently recommend...
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Dr.Ivantu is an excellent clinician who anyone would be lucky to work with. He clearly cares about his patients...
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My life has completely changed since starting treatment with Dr. Ivantu. He is friendly and easy to talk to. In addition, he has a deep holistic understanding of ADHD which is especially important since this is an often misunderstood disorder even among some practitioners.
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Dr Ivantu came to the rescue to see my daughter at short notice. He was invested and helpful in all their sessions and offered relevant feedback to Sophie and myself, which we both appreciated. His team are responsive & helpful & their whole approach is one of care & flexibility ...
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Dr Ivantu's input, from start to finish, was nothing short of first class. His expertise, his manner, his efficiency, his support and guidance were outstanding, and I am extremely grateful for his impactful input.
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Dr. Ivantu is great, very thoughtful and helpful, very focused on getting to the root cause of issues rather than putting a band-aid on a problem. Highly recommend!
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Dr Ivantu is an amazing professional, and I couldn't be happier to have found him. I can't thank him enough for the kindness and openness with which he reviewed my case. He made me feel supported, at ease, and well informed.
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Dr. Ivantu has helped me enormously and I am very lucky to have gotten to work with him over the last few months. In every session I felt understood, listened to and I could confidently say that he considered all of my worries and concerns. Dr. Ivantu did an excellent job of taking me through the ADHD diagnosis and treatment plan. During my ADHD assessment Dr. Ivantu put me at ease every step of the way and carefully answered all of my questions. Although I was earlier worried about starting ADHD medication, this went away immediately with Dr. Ivantu as I always knew I could speak to him if I had any issues outside of the appointment and felt very supported. I appreciated Dr. Ivantu’s patient approach, friendliness, empathy and am thankful to him as my everyday life has transformed and become so much easier since finding the right treatment.
Louis Tsiattalou
Dr.Ivantu is an excellent clinician who anyone would be lucky to work with. His explanation of information is clear and concise. Equally his ability to listen and approach sessions in a collaborative manner are outstanding. He has already helped me in a short span of time and it is clear he has a genuine care for those he works with.
Berkeley Alexander
I found Dr. Ivantu on YouTube in a podcast about ADHD and I haven't seen or met any professional reaching out and speaking in such a positive light to ADHD sufferers. It was not until now that I found courage to seek professional help and I can tell you that after a number of sessions with Dr. Ivantu I am starting to see life from a different perspective. Living with ADHD has taken a toll on my student life and I was afraid that I am going to lose my place at the University as I was struggling to cope with studying. Now I'm becoming more and more confident in my own strengths thanks to Dr. Specialist Ivantu Stefan. I definitely recommend!
Tarcan Plaka
Dr Stefan Ivantu assessed my ADHD. While the assessment is naturally a nerve-racking experience Dr Ivantu put me and my partner at ease during the entire process. The titration of my medication was quick and straight to the point. My life is changed. I was worried about Private healthcare costing a small fortune but this was the best money I've ever, ever spent. I highly highly recommend Stefan to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-talk, understanding, and calm professional. His bedside manner is fantastic.

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