Cookie Policy

We aim to use the minimum number of cookies on the website, but at the same time improve the user experience.

The ADHD Specialist website makes all the possible effort not to use any tracking cookies.

What is a website cookie?

They can be described as pieces of data which are created when a user is visiting the website. They are likely to be stored on your computer or with YouTube. This piece of information called cookies does not share personal information about you, and based on the data we cannot identify a user. To check any websites for cookies you can check the following website:

Cookieserve - Free online cookie checker for websites

To ensure the functionality of the videos hosted on YouTube we need to use the following cookies:

Cookie (Youtube): YSC;Local Storage (Youtube): yt.innertube::requests; yt

ADHD Specialist Limited does not share the information collected by cookies. You have the option to block cookies via your browser. You should be able to activate the setting which will block all the cookies. However, on certain devices, you may find out that the functionality of the website may be limited.