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New patients onboarding process

Our process for new patients joining the ADHD Specialist clinic.

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Please take your time and explore Dr Ivantu profile in the about us section on the website. Check if his approach and expertise can meet the needs of your mental health journey. For a better experience, it is advised to read our assessment approach, service fees and FAQs section. We are accepting self-funding clients and private insurance: WPA, Aviva, Bupa Global, Allianz Care.

Understanding treatment length

Navigating ADHD is unique for everyone, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, most patients may require 3-4 follow-up sessions after the ADHD assessment. In some situations, such as psychological treatment, or treatment-resistant comorbid conditions, you may require more appointments. You may consider long-term therapy integrated with medication management. The treatment length is agreed upon between you and the consultant.

Evidence-based research suggests as many as 60 % of adults with ADHD may have a coexisting mental health condition, including sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance use disorders (SUD), personality disorders, or other conditions. However, sometimes the person may be dealing only with ADHD symptoms.  

Contact us

Fill out the contact form. Give us a brief explanation of your needs and how you would like the consultant psychiatrist to help you. We are accepting private self-referred patients, specialists and GP referrals. If you have any questions about our services, we will assist you with further information. We are aiming to reply within 24 - 48 hrs Friday - Monday.

Screening questions

Dr Ivantu secretary will contact you and send a set of general mental health screening questions. The information provided will be presented to Dr Ivantu, and discussed during the referral meeting. We may be able to present the following outcomes: accepting your case and contacting you for further information. Some of the enquiries may not be accommodated due to the nature of the specialist service, risk management, our procedures for taking new cases, or availability.

Our service doesn’t provide emergency services OR inpatient admissions and is not suitable for active suicidal ideation, psychosis, acute addiction relapse, recent hospital discharge or severe eating disorders.

Registration and schedule your appointment

Dr Ivantu secretary will support you in registering as a patient on our electronic medical record system. Before your appointment, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to complete. We understand in some cases, you may not be able to provide information from a family member.

Dr Ivantu recommends that ADHD assessments take place via high-quality video consultation, these provide additional useful data and are more secure. He is conducting in-person consultation reviews weekly where clinically indicated at No 10 Harley Street, London office.

Your private ADHD Assessment

This starts before your appointment, as Dr Ivantu reviews your documents and pre-assessment form. Dr Ivantu's approach is to conduct a comprehensive private consultation of up to 2 hrs and 30 min for ADHD assessments. For patients having an existing ADHD diagnosis, we offer a 2-hour initial assessment.
We are taking on new patients and prescribing only with a comprehensive consultation, and where you consent for us to request information from your GP. Where appropriate a diagnosis is established, and careful consideration is made before a holistic treatment plan is recommended.

After the ADHD assessment

Where appropriate and depending on the outcome, type of medication, and your location in the UK access to medication is facilitated within 24 - 72 hrs. Dr Ivantu will complete a controlled drug prescription, and this will be sent to the pharmacy via secure tracked service. The patient or the carer can have access to monitor the prescription journey.

Dr Ivantu or his secretary will share your contact number with the pharmacy, and the clinic letter with you and your GP. You will be contacted by the medical secretary to arrange your follow-up meeting as agreed between you and the consultant.

Medication access

One of the pharmacies we are working with will contact you 24 - 48 hrs after your appointment. You have the option to collect in person the medication at the pharmacy, or conveniently deliver it to your home address. The private medication cost is paid at one of the London-based pharmacies.

We understand due to personal reasons, you may want to collect medication from your local pharmacy. Therefore, our prescriptions will be sent via tracked delivery to your pharmacy of choice. Our medication management policy allows us to send prescriptions only to registered pharmacies, valid for 30 days and not to the home address.

Follow-up sessions

Dr Ivantu offers standard 1 hr holistic follow-up sessions, or shorter 30 min sessions. Where appropriate a bespoke treatment plan will be put in place, with a holistic approach to ADHD, therapy, coaching and management of associated mental health conditions when needed.

Depending on your needs and goals, may be agreed on longer term therapy with Dr Ivantu or another recommended clinician. The frequency and interval of follow ups are agreed between yourself and the consultant.

Shared care agreement

In the majority of cases, we are aiming toward a shared care agreement once stable on effective and safe medication. This allows our patients to have access to repeat, affordable medication via the NHS GP. Once a shared care agreement is in place, we recommend a specialist follow-up for safe medication monitoring every 6 - 12 months. The review interval is decided on a clinical need basis, between yourself and the consultant. Please note you need to consider the costs associated with follow-up appointments necessary to maintain the shared care agreement. We do not perceive admin fees to establish shared care agreements, as these are covered by your private consultation appointment.  
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