FDA Approves Generics of ADHD Medication

September 5, 2023
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FDA Approves Generics of ADHD Medication

In 2023 certainly has been challenging from the perspective of available therapeutic options. It is difficult to predict how this will change in the near future. Regardless, the best outcomes in ADHD, are achieved using a holistic approach. For more information, read the article in Healthline about Generics of Popular ADHD Drug (Healthline.com), featuring Dr Stefan Ivantu.

Our focus is to provide High Quality Private ADHD assessments, holistic care, including coaching, lifestyle changes and therapy. In some cases, the medication is only a piece of the puzzle in obtaining sustainable outcomes. In our practice, we are committed to support our existing clients and minimise the anxiety during the uncertain times.

Regardless of the challenges, you should always check with your healthcare provider the available options in your area.


Generics of Popular ADHD Drug Vyvanse Get FDA Approval (healthline.com)

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