ADHD symptom testing - QB check

In our clinic at the ADHD Specialist, we are utilising the computerised test as a separate package. This resource involves obtaining a baseline of symptom results before starting medication, therapy or lifestyle changes and after 6-12 months post-treatment.
Opting in for a test, can be potentially effective in:
Providing objective data on symptom control
Improve understanding of treatment response
The testing limitations:
Establishing a diagnosis
Ruling out associated conditions outside of ADHD
Provide psychological understanding

QB check vs Qb test

Both of the computerised tests aim to provide objective data to identify ADHD symptoms. In our clinic, we are utilising the Qb check since this can be performed seamlessly through the video consultation.

All the equipment you need is a compatible laptop such as a Macbook or PC laptop with a webcam and a mid-range or above processor.

We do not perform the version where you need a dedicated standalone helmet like sensors.

Sample report

To see how the sample of a report would look, visit the Qb check website.

Test fees

The fee for a Qb check testing is £345 per test, part of a 30 min consultation with Dr Ivantu. Please contact our medical secretary, to enquire about the test.

Please note: The test may have limitations in the sensitivity and specificity domains. However, it can also provide valuable data in your treatment journey. For further information please do not hesitate to discuss it during your consultation.