Top Careers and Jobs with The ADHD Superpower

March 10, 2024
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Top Careers and Jobs with The ADHD Superpower

Very often ADHD is portrayed as a superpower, and sometimes an obstacle. Entrepreneurs, celebrities, and regular people come forward more than ever revealing the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With the speed of news being faster than ever, this can easily lead to information overload for the ADHD brain. Are there careers or jobs more suitable for people suffering from ADHD? First, let's understand the fundamentals:

What is ADHD?

It is described as a neurodevelopmental condition, which affects how the brain works. Most people can live normal lives, and some may suffer from the condition without being aware of it developing coping strategies and support systems. We are not sure exactly how many people may suffer from this condition. The available studies suggesting how common is the diagnosis vary in results depending on the country, age of diagnosis, gender and socioeconomic status. Overall, there is an estimate that 3-5 % of adults may suffer from this condition, which historically used to be diagnosed more often in children and in particular male population. However, with the increased awareness of ADHD more adults and women are reaching for help.

What are the most common ADHD symptoms?

As the condition is described by the four letters, it suggests a deficit in attention and increased hyperactivity. In the past, the stereotype was of a young boy, hyperactive in class disturbing others finally seen by a child psychiatrist or psychologist. Unfortunately, the inattentive symptoms are more difficult to identify, and compared with hyperactivity they don't disturb others. The children, girls and boys of yesterday suffering from silent inattentive symptoms may be the adults struggling today be it at work, home or in their relationships.

Social media and ADHD Self-diagnosis

Currently, people tend to search for symptoms on social media, TikTok, YouTube and other video platforms. In today's environment what draws engagement is if someone can identify themselves with the content creator. The identification itself can lead to self-diagnosis which is another topic of discussion since this has its limitations. People suffering from ADHD may also have co-existing conditions. Some researchers highlight the double-edged sword of repeated internet searches of symptoms creating "cyberchondria". Whilst others after watching videos about the condition, may describe a life-changing experience pursuing an ADHD diagnosis and support. Yet, nobody has the definitive answer, it may be a shade of grey and we definitely need more research.

Career choices, luck and opportunities

If you are passionate about computers, gaming, 3d modelling, and programming a high-end graphics card (GPU) may be bottlenecked by a last-generation processor (CPU). If you are passionate about cars, imagine the ADHD brain being an internal combustion engine: without an adequate gearbox, tyres cannot put the power down. And if you are a photographer, and just purchased the latest camera body, without having the best lens you cannot make the most out of your new sensor and autofocus system. If you are a trader, you may be sitting on the next best thing for a while, but for some reason, timing is constantly not on your side.
Sometimes, the person may not need all the stars to align for them or may find it easier depending on their particular situation.

Top 5 Good careers for people with ADHD

Software engineer & developer

Your mind is always thriving in situations where it requires problem-solving skills. No day is the same, there are always new problems waiting to be solved some more exciting than others. This environment provides constant intellectual stimulation and much-needed exploration for the ADHD brain. In programming, rules are there for a reason, but at the same time can be challenged and new inventions occur at a fast pace. Be it a new function, a like button, a swipe action, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. The ADHD brain is thriving in solving a problem at the last minute, finding solutions where most would say it's impossible. Here there are some rules to be followed, but many other opportunities to be created - stimulating.

Some natural skills:

  • Problem-solving, fixing issues and being able to resolve a problem from a different angle. Having a can-do attitude, without having the fear of making mistakes. As our lives are changing, so does the code therefore it's the right place where the ADHD brain is not getting bored.
  • Detailed-oriented, absolutely as long as the problem waiting to be solved is stimulating and of high interest to the ADHD mind.
  • Hyperfocus, welcome to the time machine where 12 hours may feel like 4! Here comes the superpower of ADHD where the person can delve deep and save the day.
  • Curiosity, the tech industry is constantly moving. A natural passion to discover new ideas is key to staying relevant.

Trader (Finance)

The fast-paced, ever-changing environment of the trading scene can be a perfect fit for ADHD. The faster the trading transactions, forex, and high-frequency trading may be fuel for the neurodiverse brain. Graphs constantly moving up and down, news, events and quarter results are around the corner there is always something changing in the market. This may be just the right place for someone "getting easily bored". Trading roles and the fast-paced industry can be oxygen for the ADHD brain.

Some strengths:

  • Thriving With Pressure: the ability to remain calm while making quick decisions in high-stakes fast situations.
  • Pattern Recognition: the ability to see connections and discover promising opportunities. A quality born with, which may be difficult to train in others.
  • Fast processing data: While being bombarded by tons of data, the ability to skim quickly and make informed decisions.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing is a fast-paced world: a blend of creativity, innovation, and search for new land and opportunities. The road to success in the unknown discovery is perfectly matched to the energetic and creative mind. No matter how the world changes be it Google, Short form content, or Augmented reality there will always be marketing opportunities. If before this was driven by newspapers and TV commercials, now we are in a more than ever-changing environment. Just perfect for the curious mind to find the new leads.

Qualities and heightened sense:

  • Vision: Having a stream of new ideas, leads to unique opportunities in your next marketing campaign.
  • Passion: Constant dedication in finding leads, feels natural, helping others achieve growth.
  • Flexible and agile: Trends and strategies change quickly in the marketing world. Having the ability to adapt and change keeps the growth momentum.

Entrepreneur and Business Owner:

The dreamer turns their ideas into reality, whereas others would say it is not possible. When these strengths are combined with the doer and the organiser, everything is possible. The entrepreneurial mind creates its own fuel in pursuing the next exploration and at the same time enjoying freedom. Flexible schedule, work when you feel right, and delegate boring tasks whilst being engaged in interesting and captivating new adventures. 

Unique abilities:

  • Positive Energy: The reserve of enthusiasm and magical thinking pushing businesses above and beyond. Becoming a role model for your team and beyond!
  • Independent Mind: Not being afraid of doing things differently, finding new techniques and obtaining a competitive edge.
  • Ambition: The ability to act differently, and not be afraid of discomfort or challenges. Feeling to have unlimited resources.
  • Team players: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
  • Resilience: The ability to recover from any losses, the art of not giving up.

Elite Athlete

The number of athletes and sports figures publicly disclosing their ADHD diagnosis is growing day by day. Although ADHD is often portrayed as a challenge, for them is that classified weapon, and fans call it talent. Some of the most accomplished competitors amongst human beings: Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps managed to achieve unimaginable heights! They need to overcome unimaginable challenges and turn their challenges into strengths. If elite athletes compete, they undergo extenuating checks to access the treatment they need and are required to obtain a therapeutic use exemption (TUE). Nothing is easy for this particular group during the time they are competing or after retirement.

Strengths on the court, pitch or the scene:

  • Hyperfocus: The laser focus travels with the speed of light, allowing athletes to notice small gestures, and patterns and obtain a competitive edge.
  • Different energy: Athletes with ADHD often have an unmatched desire for competition, pursuing excellence and recognition by conquering the highest peaks.
  • Fearless: The ability to think quickly and see things from a different angle may be what keeps them winning. Adjusting the body position mid-air, and not being afraid of falling.
  • Creativity: Doing things differently, and finding new ways is what it usually brands them in a particular way, becoming easily recognised.

Honourable careers mention:

  • Data analyst
  • Graphic designer
  • Artist
  • Cinematographer
  • Film director
  • Security
  • Accountant
  • Cheerleading
  • Financial advisor
  • Makeup artist
  • Hairdresser
  • Reporter
  • Inventor
  • Photographer
  • Real Estate Agent


These are just a few examples of careers or jobs someone with ADHD may find a good fit for them. People with ADHD can do everything, however, there are also people struggling. Mental health is not a one-size-fits-all and is mostly dependent on multiple factors. The levels of support, timing, and opportunity are different from one person to another. Gravity is the same, and despite this, not everyone has the ability to jump high in basketball.

Although the currently available research for the most / least suitable jobs in ADHD is limited. The takeaway message is despite ADHD being a neurodevelopmental condition everything can be possible. If you recognise any of the symptoms of ADHD in yourself, don't hesitate to seek support from a qualified healthcare professional.

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