The video game prescribed by doctors to treat ADHD

July 11, 2022
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I can see in the future how video games can be used in monitoring symptoms of ADHD, and mental health. #Akili is making the first step in the industry in making a change, improving symptoms of inattention.  EndeavorRx (FDA-approved digital therapy delivered through a video game) needs to be prescribed by a Professional. I wonder how the level of compliance compares with the traditional therapies.☝️  We are only at the beginning of this journey in embracing positive technology use in mental health.  Technology needs to be seen as an aid in helping to deliver volume, and easy access to mental health, and not a replacement for human-to-human interaction. The future is bright. #medtech #ADHD #videogames

Did you know people suffering from ADHD have a tendency to spend more time playing video games?

The video game prescribed by doctors to treat ADHD - BBC News

Video games for ADHD

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